Cheapest Carpet Steam Cleaning Services Melbourne

Cheapest Carpet Steam Cleaning Services Melbourne

We at N1 Cleaning perform different cleaning processes for carpet as per the customer’s requirements along with the entire package as well which will benefit the customer with the satisfactory results.

We take measures by handling the carpets with extreme care without causing damage to the fabrics by using non-toxic chemicals that does not harm your family and pets as well. Our processes include steam cleaning that removes rigid stains, eliminates harmful bacteria and mould which also involves carpet shampooing that removes all the dirt, bad odour. This includes deodorising the carpets and sanitizing them effectively.

Our Company provides guaranteed cleaning results as we deal with all sorts of methods carpet cleaning such as end of lease carpet cleaning, carpet water damage restoration, and carpet flood damage restoration by our experienced and professional team.

Importance of Melbourne’s Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

Every households faces the issues with dirty carpets as it either spoils the look of the house, hinders its life span and causes health problems because by dirt getting accumulated over the years. It also causes a lot of difficulty to perform cleaning at home as the bacteria is not entirely wiped off. But, there are some circumstances where the carpets in even though do not look dirty by appearance they do contain bacteria and even after cleaning or washing at home it does give satisfactory outcomes because of insufficient cleaning. This is where the cleaning performed by professionals comes into the picture as we perform the required process and methods to treat the carpets effectively to wipe away the germs present. It is very important for people to get their houses cleaned thoroughly as neglection can cause the bacteria to multiply in number and spread. Thus, it is not good for the members of the family as it leads to various health issues, allergies, rashes etc.

Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Processes

We follow dry cleaning and steam cleaning process for cleaning the carpets. The suitable process is chosen depending on the number of stains, how strong the stains are, extent of dirt accumulation and the material of the carpet.

· Dry Cleaning Process

Before initiating the cleaning process, we begin with a pre- inspection of the carpet by inspecting the affected areas thoroughly and the concentration of chemicals to be used. It is then followed by removal of the solid dust particles by vacuuming the entire carpet. Therefore, the carpet is now prepared to undergo washing by using the environment and fabric friendly chemicals which will eliminate the remaining dirt and germs from the carpets.

After the above procedures are completed, once again vacuuming is performed to get rid of the left-out particles if any. The process ends with the post inspection which is performed by our experts to ensure guaranteed results with the carpets being clean and dust free.

· Steam Cleaning Process

Similar to the dry-cleaning process we always begin with inspecting the entire carpet to check for the areas that needs more treatment, the number of stains and the accumulation of dust particles. It is followed by vacuuming the carpet to remove all the solid dust particles before washing the carpet with steaming hot water which includes the required amount of solution that is nontoxic. The spraying of this solution with high pressures on to the carpet results in extracting all the dirt out that is settled in depth of the material. This also includes using softeners for not allowing the carpets to lose their smooth texture and helps in restoring the look of the carpets. We end the process by drying the carpet with advanced driers that completely dries the carpets effectively and perform deodorizing the carpets giving them a pleasant odor.

· Shampooing Service

Not attending to dirty carpets leads to breeding of harmful bacteria that causes serious health problems. Therefore, to avoid such issues we also provide shampooing service where we use eco-friendly detergents that are not very strong on the fabric along with having good fragrance. We wash the carpets with the solutions by effectively brushing it generating good amount of lather that removes the dust mites or other insects that feed on the fiber. This brushing scrubs away the dirt and eliminates the germs throughout the carpet making sure you have clean, soft, bright and shiny carpets at your home and offices.

· Sanitising & Deodorising

Even though the carpets are termed as clean after performing all the cleaning processes, but the truth is that the carpets are not completely bacteria free as they are not sanitized. We at N1 cleaning give a lot of importance to this along with the other cleaning methods when customers request for end of lease cleaning. Our team is extremely quick to offer express service to your residential or commercial properties that restores your carpet that assure you with 100% contaminant free carpets. We use approved disinfectants which are uniformly applied onto the carpet to ensure sufficient sanitization along with using deodorizer during carpet steam or dry -cleaning process.

· Stain Removal

By using the carpets in houses and offices over the years they tend to develop stubborn stain which are left due to spilling of oils or concentrated liquids where it attracts dust particles on the carpet fiber. This results in dark patches that penetrate deep into the carpets and discoloration of the carpet. Thus, such stains cannot be removed easily by everyone and need professional help for cleansing the carpets. We use modern cleaning equipment and solutions that are powerful enough to treat them to get rid of harmful germs from your carpets along with eliminating the stains.

Additional Services

The below are the carpet cleaning services that we perform in addition to our regular services.

  • Restoration of Carpets with Fire Damage
  • Water Extraction of Flood Damaged Carpets
  • Advanced Carpet Stain Treatment
  • Patch Work of Carpets
  • Pet Hair Removal from Carpet Fabric
  • Foul Odour Treatment
  • Advanced Bactria treatment
  • Maintenance for prolong carpet protection

Flood Water Damage Restoration Melbourne

Carpets damaged by water or flood can be experienced in houses and even offices which can occur from various sources such as running taps, heavy rainfall, unfortunate rupture of water or sewer pipes, overflow of washing machine water and water leakage from any poorly sealed cavities.  Let it be any kind of situation, it does not matter for N1 cleaning services to what has led to your water damaged carpets as we are fully equipped with all the equipment and the skills that are required to restore the damaged carpets back to its original conditions.

We are always available 24/7 and can be contacted for any such emergencies as leaving the carpets in wet conditions or untreated for a long time can lead to bad odor due to growth of fungi, bacteria and mould formation. By not attending at the right time you will end up damaging the complete carpet as it will get rotten due to moisture and you will be using paying huge amounts for its cleaning. To solve such problems do not hesitate to take our professional assistance to deal with the situation who can help you by treating the water-logged carpets effectively and drying them out. We also perform stretching the carpets while drying to avoid the carpets from shrinking.

The other reasons with which carpets can be damaged with water are,

  • Runoff from excess storm water
  • Hot water system leaks
  • Roof damaged in the raining season
  • Leaking roof

Melbourne’s Flood Water Damage Restoration Process

Our team visit the site and identify the source of moisture that caused carpets to get wet in the house or offices. We then take measures to check whether the identified source is treated before carrying out the drying process.  The cleaning professionals then assess the extent of damage caused and plan out the cleaning process by choosing the right equipment to dry out the entire carpet by addressing the damage caused. We make use of specialized water extraction vacuuming machines by setting the airflow with the desired pressure to extract maximum amount of standing water. By removal of all the excess water we prevent from the moisture further damaging the fabric and makes it easier for drying by reducing the time as well. The complete carpet is then treated with antibacterial solutions which is nontoxic for sanitizing the carpet to prevent the spread of bacteria that can damage the fabric as well. This helps in giving protection against other type of secondary problems such as mould and mildew. Finally, we use advanced air movers along with dehumidifiers to eliminate any left-out areas that is not dried and remove the bad odor using deodorizer. Therefore, by doing so we efficiently restore the damaged carpets by satisfying our customers with our service.

Flood Water Damage Restoration Services

We have separate experienced team who specialize in providing emergency water and flood carpet damage service to all our clients who face this problem whom we serve with great passion by performing the below services with guaranteed results

  • Water damage repairs
  • Flood cleanup with Flood restoration service
  • Clean flooded basement
  • Water extraction service and Repair wet carpets
  • Dry wet carpets
  • Carpet Mould Restoration

Benefits of Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration Melbourne

  • We have a thoroughly trained and experienced team who are expertise in dealing this situation and can handle it effectively by solving the problem.
  • We perform thorough inspection to detect the moisture and use high standard equipment that making our flood clean up exercise easier by restoring the carpets to their original dry condition which is clean without any wetness or bad odor.

Additional water damaged restoration service

If you have unfortunately suffered any form of water damage with your carpet, to treat it you can immediately approach N1 cleaning services offering professional service in any emergency for 24/7 restoration service. Rather than only concentrating on carpet water clogging restoration we also offer our services for the following

  • Upholstery water damaged restoration
  • Rugs water damaged restoration
  • Curtains water damaged restoration

Our clients can contact us for treating a simple leak to extensive flooding as it is very important to extract the water to minimize property damage and save money on restoration costs and preventing the occurrence of moulding. By failing to dry the wet carpets quickly (within 24 hours) results in worsening the damage that will lead to health issues as well due to formation of bacteria, fungus etc.

Melbourne’s Curtain Cleaning Service

Curtains are necessary in every house as they play a major role in adding charm to the home décor with their different lengths and types. But with more number of curtains used in a household, it becomes difficult for people to maintain the curtains by keeping them clean and dust free. Over the years pollutants settle deep within the layers of the fabric making it almost impossible to clean with conventional cleaning methods and require professional cleaning services like ours which saves time. Since there are various kinds of allergens that reside in dirty curtains by spoiling the freshness of your home or your office. But our professional cleaning curtains is the most effective way of removing such harmful things.

By giving the curtains an appropriate cleaning experience it removes the fine dust and bacteria from the curtains that enhances the look along with making it last for long. We perform the cleaning procedures and use chemicals based on the material of the curtain by taking a lot of care which does not harm the texture. For doing so we offer a wide range of curtain cleaning packages for domestic and commercial properties at reasonable prices with flexible hours of booking.

The below are the following services that we perform for cleaning the curtains, drapes and blinds

  • Curtain Steam Cleaning
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning to remove stains
  • No Shrinkage or Color Fade
  • Curtain Mould Removal

Curtain Cleaning Process Melbourne

One of our curtain cleaning process begins with inspecting the curtains and selecting the appropriate cleaning method and solution to be used according to the material. Then we do a pre-treatment test for stain removal and depending upon the amount of dirt and fabric of the curtain our cleaners will choose the best cleaning process which is either steam cleaning or dry cleaning. The steps followed for both the processes are similar and only differs in the amount of water used for cleaning the curtains. It is then followed by deodorizing the curtains and drying them using powerful air dryers giving the curtains a fresh look which are bright and pollutant free. Finally, our specialist inspects the curtains again to ensure they are thoroughly clean and hygienic.

Workshop Curtain Cleaning

By opting for our workshop cleaning we take the responsibility of taking accurate measurements of the curtains to ensure the fabric used does not shrink and handle them care without causing any damage. We then check for the number of stains and use solutions by discussing any plausible risks involved for some curtain fabric and then quote a price after an agreement.

Curtain Cleaning Services

We at N1 cleaning services train our specialist cleaners to handle all types of curtains and made of different fabrics and work with the following variety of curtains and blinds for cleaning

  • Linen curtain
  • Roman blinds
  • Eyelet curtains
  • Tab top curtains
  • Cased heading curtains
  • Box pleated curtains
  • Lace curtains
  • Rubber backing curtains
  • Goblet pleat curtains
  • Full length drop curtains
  • Hanging curtains
  • Pencil pleat curtains
  • Pelmets and valances curtains
  • Acrylic backed fabric curtain
  • Pleat curtains
  • Drapes
  • Double box pleat curtains
  • Sheer curtains

Benefits of Curtains Cleaning Melbourne

There are various benefits with our curtain cleaning services such as

  • Free the curtain from contaminant and pollutant
  • Improving the decor with cleaner window coverings
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Better and longer life for the curtains

We guarantee all our customers to make them feel the difference in the curtains they are cleaned by making the rooms look brighter by bringing back the original look to the curtains, blinds, and drapes.

Our Experienced Team and Services

  1. Our team is fully accredited and certified.
  2. Customer care service is available 24/7 to always catering our customers.
  3. We offer flexible prices and booking options which is easy for you to book.
  4. No hidden fees or charges and can offer the quote over the phone inclusive of everything.
  5. We are trained to use heavy duty and modern carpet cleaning equipment.
  6. We are equipped with strong cleaning agents to provide absolute Stain Removal.
  7. Our cleaners are well-versed to take care of any kind of Carpet Repair needs.
  8. We are well prepared to handle any carpet related issues.
  9. We use environment-friendly cleaning agents during the cleaning process.

Reliable & Cheap Cleaning Services Melbourne

Our N1 Carpet Cleaning Services cater a number of problems that every household struggles in order to clean and maintain bulky carpets in the entire house. We are dedicated to provide professional cleaning services to all our clients by giving the best customer service. We offer guaranteed results and warranty to completely satisfy all their cleaning requirements for both residential as well as commercial properties. The professionals who visit the house take a lot of care in handling the other furniture which are present while cleaning the carpets and also place them back in their respective places after the completion of work. We do not burden our customers with high prices and quote the prices that are affordable by everyone having simple payment methods. The cleaners will step out of your premises only when the customer is fully satisfied else, we will re-clean your property without any extra charge.

Benefits with all our services

There are many benefits associated with our carpet cleaning services as we cover almost all the services associated to assist our customers issues with dirty and unhygienic carpets while moving in and moving out of the houses (end of lease cleaning) or in the existing houses. By following a systematic procedure, it consequently results in cleaner and fresh carpets that are not harmful for your family without any dirt, dust, mites or bacteria. Moreover, a thorough cleaning adds life to the carpet thereby making it usable for many more years by increasing the durability of your carpets. We give a new look to your house with neat and brighter carpets without any shrinkages or spoiling the fabrics along with having good deals on cleaning services/packages.

With our carpet cleaning services, you can expect the following

  • Quick, reliable and quality carpet cleaning service
  • Thorough Cleaning inside out
  • Cleaner & healthier carpets
  • 100% Stain and Odor Removal
  • Sanitized and Deodorized Carpets
  • Improved texture and quality
  • New look to the house and offices
  • Contaminant free carpets
  • Enhanced carpet life
  • Lesser chances of health issues
  • No expense on carpet replacement
  • Rejuvenated carpets
  • Post carpet cleaning inspection
  • Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Cleaning includes moving around your furniture with care and placing them back
  • Same day carper cleaning service available

For any kind of cleaning service, you can contact N1 Cleaning Services at any time as we are available 24*7 to cater our customers by sending our best team based on the cleaning service required. We have well trained professionals who have experience to handle different situations based on the severity and perform cleaning by giving satisfactory results and restoring their originality. Call us and book an appointment today to experience splendid cleaning services.

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