End of Lease Cleaning Hoppers Crossing

Hoppers Crossing end of lease cleaning!

It’s well said “Happiness doesn’t have just one Address”. Yes!  We keep on moving sharing happiness with families, friends, neighbours.  At the same time it is hard fact that every lease comes to an end and we need to keep moving on.

While we are moving out to our new property from Hoppers Crossing, it is our social duty and obligation to clean the property before we handover to owner or real estate agent in a better or similar state then what we had got.  Here our role comes as Hoppers Crossing end of lease cleaning services. We are family operated Australian business. We have specialised team of local professionals working hard for you to re-initiate the cleanliness of the property in Hoppers Crossing.

hoppers crossing end of lease clean

Our standard package for end of lease (Vacate) cleaning in Hoppers Crossing includes following

  1. Ceiling cleaning including removal of cobwebs.
  2. Removal of cobwebs outside perimeter of your home
  3. Dusting the entire surface which includes furniture, shelves, kitchen benchtop, glass tops, window sills, skirting board, railing, mirrors, banisters, laundry benchtops, and shelving.
  4. Vacuuming and mopping all of the floors in the property.
  5. Steam cleaning of carpet and required floor.
  6. Kitchen Range hood and oven thoroughly cleaned inside, outside and polished.
  7. Sanitised and polished Kitchen appliances and Sink.
  8. All Kitchen cupboards are thoroughly wiped and polished.
  9. The bathroom and toilet will undergo a deep clean process. All fixtures, fittings, shower, sink, under-sink cabinet, toilet and bath are sparkling cleaned and disinfected.
  10. Pick-up and drop-off keys with your local real estate agents & great customer service for you and your real estate agents.

Now, let’s look at what’s in the Hoppers Crossing end of lease cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning in Hoppers Crossing:  Carpet is the most visible part when it comes to cleaning. You may still remember those party days, spilling of drink, dropping food or a simple child’s play which might have left their signature on carpet. Well! you can leave worry for those stains to N1 Pro, including the one which not visible like dusts and bacteria inside the carpet.

Vacate cleaning hoppers crossing

We start our process with high power vacuuming to get all the dirts from inside your carpet leaving the carpet dust free and ready for steam cleaning. Our steam cleaning process results in a stain and bacteria free carpets with use of chemicals that are safe to use giving you guaranteed results.  At N1 Cleaning, our professional cleaners take extra care while using those strong chemicals to not damage the carpets.

While we are doing your vacate cleaning, we are more than happy to clean your rugs, please inquiry while you are booking your end of lease cleaning.

Tile or Wooden Floor Cleaning in Hoppers Crossing: While you were busy with moving your beloved stuff out, the floor also work harder even though it looked sparkling before. We are sure that you would like to restore their status before you handover the keys.

End of lease cleaning Hoppers Crossing

At N1 Cleaning, Our team makes efforts to make the floor look new by effective cleaning by eliminating germs and dust using environment safe chemicals. Do not forget to ask our extra care services. Along with cleaning we can brush and wax the floor making it smooth and maintain its shine.

Window Cleaning in Hoppers Crossing: Remember the foggy patches, rain water mark, fingerprints and the occasional drawing board? Yes, now it’s time to clean and make the window glass sparkle like new.  And yes, the most important thing is the window and door tracker, most cleaners in Hoppers Crossing don’t bother to clean.  We include them in to standard package so we can guaranteed bond return on cleaning part.

quality window cleaning

We use the best equipments and glass cleaners for cleaning windows internally and externally making your windows look new without any stains giving a beautiful view and avoiding any kind of breakage or scars on the windows. We use special techniques to clean window and door trackers.

Kitchen Cleaning in Hoppers Crossing: Kitchen is most traffic venue within our house. Doesn’t remember how many time we use one or other things from kitchen everyday. Doesn’t matter what we cook, how we cook and how much we take care, there are lot of thing we need to clean.  Have you ever noticed things under the gas burner, mould inside and on mesh of range hood, corners of oven and even behind dishwasher?

kitchen cleaning specialist

Our trained professional value the importance of cleanliness of Kitchen, they use specialised chemicals and techniques to clean your kitchen inside out. Every unnoticed corner and inner sides of all the equipments will be thoroughly cleaned leaving them in best possible condition if not like new. We also do polish to kitchen equipment so they look sparkling.  This is the other reason for our claim of guaranteed bond return on cleaning part.

While booking in Hoppers Crossing, many of customer inquire about Rangehood and oven cleaning. Yes, we clean them thoroughly to remove all the grease, and burned food.

Bathroom Cleaning in Hoppers Crossing: Though it is smallest room of our home, it takes a lot while we talk about cleaning for example the shower base, glass, mirror, washbasin, toilet and small corner here and there.  N1 Profession cleaner uses optimum quality cleaning chemicals for specialised equipment to clean each and everything individually. We not only clean them thoroughly, we make them bacteria free.

Upholstery cleaning in Hoppers Crossing: We use mobile device to clean all your fix upholsteries. Yes, they are included in our standard package. Our service in Hoppers Crossing involves to thoroughly clean the upholstery made of different fabrics and getting rid of the dust which is accumulated from a long time which unhealthy for the members of the house. We take complete measures to not damage the fabric or the furniture by using environment friendly chemicals and dry clean or steam clean it to get best results.

Our Bond Guarantee in Hoppers Crossing: We are a professional cleaning company, which offers end of lease cleaning services in Hoppers Crossing. With us, on your side, you will not have to worry about a single thing when it comes to cleaning. As we are here to clean any space you like, so you do not have to deal with any mess. We understand the stress you are in when you are moving homes or offices, and cleaning the space is not something you are mentally ready or equipped to deal with. Which is why our vacate cleaning services can help you get through this tough time. Our professional team will help you clean out every inch of the space, so you can easily pass the toughest of inspection. We guarantee 100% bond return on our services in Hoppers Crossing.

end of lease cleaning hoppers crossing               

How to Book our Service in Hoppers Crossing: Once you have called us in, we will take details over the phone and if required, come down to check the space. Once we have assessed the space we will offer you a quote based on the space and the intensity of cleaning required. Our end of lease cleaning services is set in place to ensure your home or office space is restored to its prior condition. With a professional team on your side, you do not have to worry about a thing. As once we are done with the space, it will look like a dream. Making our end of lease cleaning services a dream come true.

At the end, We offer a great range of cleaning services in Hoppers Crossing, where you can use our services when you lease ends, or when you feel your office or home needs a deep cleaning. This way you will be able to avoid endless issues and offer your family and co-workers a clean space to live and work in.

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