End of lease cleaning Melbourne services by N1 Cleaning are industry best professional services. End of lease clean is one of the major part of your moving to new house.

Isn’t it exciting to enter into a new house? Your response to this question can be mixed. Some have good memories of the previous home and others say pathetic about that real estate. Since you have already decided to enter into a new house, let’s keep the good memories to cherish later and leave the rest there itself.

End of lease cleaning melbourne

Moving out from the current house and shifting in the new home is a rigorous task. It requires the engagement of many service providers like real estate agents, movers and packers, removal services and end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne. The whole process requires at least a month’s time for a well-planned move-out.

Let’s have a look at the steps of the process of moving into a new house while leaving the previous.

Steps When Moving Out

Step 1: Things to do in the 4th week before the moving.

booking movers

1.Booking a removal company. It’s recommended to take the services of AFRA accredited companies. You need to set a budget and start asking for quotation from multiple companies to get the best deal.

2.Arrangement of household insurance policy for a new home.

3.Timely notification to an electoral authority about the new address.

4.The arrangement of your kid’s school transportation.

5.Follow-up with the lawyer or real estate agent about date and time of settlement of moving day.

6.Plan the necessary repair required in the new house.

7.Pre-booking of an end of lease cleaning service provider.

Step 2: Things to do in the 2-3 week before the movingmembership change

1.Contact all the relevant authorities about the change of address and notify them.

2.Address transfer notification to all other services like gas, telephone, etc.

3.Discontinuation of all membership and subscriptions.

4.Leave application to the office for moving day.

Step 3: Things to do in the One week before the moving

1.The arrangement of rubbish picking from the local authority.

2.Collect the entire disposable inventory at a commonplace.

3.Notify to advisor service providers like the gardener, cleaner and babysitter.

4.The arrangement of parking for packers and movers truck.

Step 4: Things to do on the moving dayMoving carton

1.Keep a carton handy for essential inventory.

2.The arrangement of inventory in truck so moving can be made smoothly.

3.Noting of all the readings of meters.

4.Double check if the entire inventory is loaded in the truck or not.

5.Lock all the doors and windows once the inventory is loaded.

6.Return the keys to the real estate agent

Step 5: Things to do before entering the new house

1.Checking of property condition as per the lease. Notify if anything remarkable.

2.Checking whether all the utilities are connected and working or not.

moving to new home3.Unload furniture and other inventory under your guidance and place them on the reserved places.

4.Assemble beds and makeup at the earliest for some rest.

5.Meet your new neighbours and exchange the greetings.

6.Restart all the subscription and memberships to the new address.

Now you have a fair idea of the things to do before you leave the previous house and enter into the new home. This requires some deep attention to be well informed and get the things done smoothly. We have detailed all the tasks below that are necessary before you enter into your new house.

Taking Care Before Starting New Lease

When you enter into a new house, you expect that house to be neat and clean and well painted. A clean home gives an excellent feeling like coming to a new house. When you enter into a real estate, you wish to align your inventory as per your convenience to make it worth living home for family. When you can dream of a clean house, it’s also your responsibility to leave the previous house clean for others, whosoever is coming to live in your last home. That’s also a gesture to showcase your good upbringing.

You must have heard about “End of Lease Cleaning” term before, but have you explored what does end of lease cleaning mean? Technically end of leasing means ensuring to get your bond or deposit back from the landlord when you exit from rental property. In simpler words, when you vacate the previous house, you need to get it well cleaned from all the areas as mentioned in the contract and handover to the landlord to get the deposit amount back.. That cleaning of previous house is called end of lease cleaning.

professional cleaners

The end of lease cleaning is also known by multiple names. Don’t get confused by its other names like vacating cleaning, bond cleaning, bond back cleaning, exit cleaning, and move out cleaning. End of lease cleaning is not only a responsibility but also a liability due to the condition in the contract. You have to fulfil that condition irrespective of you like it or not.

Follow Checklist When Cleaning

Under this condition of bond, you are supposed to clean the house as per the checklist provided by Residential Tenancies Bond Authority. Also known as RTBA. It is an essential requirement to be fulfilled before the bond is released. The vacate cleaning must be done as per the real estate standards.

end of lease cleaning melbourne checklist

There could be only two possible ways you can counter this situation. Either you clean up on your own as per the checklist and save few bucks by spending a whole day or two, or you can hire some cheap end of lease cleaning service provider in Melbourne. Bond cleaning service in Melbourne can help you offload and be a rescuer to take help in this particular condition.

Have you ever imagined why do tenants prefer the professional end of lease cleaning services? House cleaning is a giant task, and your entire family must participate in it as a team. You all need to spend a lot of working hours which could have optimised for some other tasks. Many lease cleaning services in Melbourne provide a free quote to help keeping you at bay from this pain.  These professional end of lease cleaning service providers can serve you by providing house cleaning and office cleaning services.

Use Professional Services

These vacate cleaning service providers usually offer the best of the solutions in various packages. Their packages are highly customised and give you the freedom to offload the tasks you can’t handle while bond cleaning. They usually have experts and qualified professionals in their team and always consume environment-friendly chemicals. Use of latest technology equipment saves a lot of monitoring time.

professional end of lease cleaning service

Hope you are by now convinced to spend your day productively instead of the engaging entire family in vacate cleaning. When you browse, which is the best end of lease cleaning service in Melbourne? you can certainly find many options there. There are some cheap end of lease cleaning service providers like N1 Cleaning who can help you with this.

Alternatively, you can clean your house, but spending your precious time in that activity seems not worthy when you can avail this service by paying a few bucks. Moreover, you have to spend almost the equal amount in buying the cleaning tools and equipment which might have no further or rare uses in future. You need to spend on these tools if you are planning to clear on your own. These are like broom, dustbin, multiple cleaning brushes, dusters, gloves, buckets, floor mop, vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner for carpet, degreaser, various scrapers, cleaning products, sponges, towels, screwdrivers, etc.

In case you are a warrior and still want to handle this tedious job on your own. We have a complete list of tasks for your reference so that you can get your bond back in one shot without fail. Broadly this list is divided into four areas of the house and further detailed activities related to every area.

Below is the checklist of all bond cleaning tasks as per RTBA norms.

  • Kitchen Cleaning: Kitchen cleaning is the most time-consuming activity when it comes to cleaning. The kitchen is being used every day hence must be the dirtiest in case you don’t clean the kitchen often. Below is the minute list of tasks you need to perform while kitchen cleaning…
    • Oven cleaning form inner and outer areas
    • Scrubbing of stovetop
    • Degreasing range hood
    • Washing of cooking bench
    • Backsplash cleaning
    • Wiping out sink
    • Despot taps handle and spout
    • Washing of pantry area
    • Dusting of cupboard, shelves and drawer
    • Cleaning of inner and exterior of microwave, fridge and dishwasher
  • Bathroom Cleaning: You have to spare 2 to 3 hours cleaning the bathroom from the cleaning schedule. Staying in the bathroom for hours in the foul smell is something requires courage, unless you deodorise before starting the task.

Below is the list of areas you need to clean while cleaning the bathroom

  • Washing of tiled surface
  • Un-spotting the bathtub and basin
  • Cleaning of shower glass, shower head and faucets
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Cleaning of vanity, tap handles and spout
  • Purification of the medicine cabinet
  • Polishing of mirrors
  • Dusting of air vents
  • Rooms Cleaning: After cleaning of kitchen and bathroom, you need to devote a lot of time cleaning the rooms. All the houses are more or less similar in layouts which have multiple rooms. You need to clean living rooms, drawing room, dining room, hallway, attics, basement and patio.
  • Let’s have a look at the areas to clean while cleaning the rooms…
    • Moping the entire regions of the room
    • Cleaning of cupboard, shelves, drawers and wardrobes
    • Washing of windows, sills and inner parts of sills
    • Cleaning of door frames and door handles
    • Cleaning of skirting board
    • Dusting of blinds
    • Cleaning of light fixtures, switchboards
    • Removal of cobwebs
    • Carpet cleaning by steam
    • Dusting of walls
  • Other Areas Cleaning: Completing the kitchen, bathrooms and rooms now come to other remaining areas, which you might have in your house.
  • Laundry Area: Laundry area is comparatively smaller, but will surely consume at least 30 minutes of your cleaning schedule. You have to begin with wiping down washer and dryer surfaces, need to remove dryer lint, cleaning of the sink, tap handles and spout and finally mopping of the floor to make it neat and clean.
  • Balcony Cleaning: You need to go through multiple tasks while balcony cleaning. Starting from cleaning of interior and exterior parts of wash sliding, patio, doors and tracks, cleaning of windows, sills and tracks and floor moping at last.
  • Garage Cleaning: Thank god, the list ends at garage cleaning. It also requires several activities to be done while cleaning. Namely cleaning of cupboards, shelves, drawers, removal of cobwebs and sweeping of floors.


Reading the above list, you must have realised that End of lease cleaning is not a child’s play. You can clean your previous house but do you have that much time and motivation just for nothing. I guess if you double check, you can certainly say that this time and efforts are worth some other work. The professional bond cleaning service provider companies do come in picture when you try to avoid the entire above-listed task doing on your own. There is multiple vacate cleaning service provider in Melbourne. Now is the time to search the best bond cleaning services in Melbourne like n1Pro.

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