Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Are you tired of worrying about impression of your dirty rugs or carpet on your guests? Are you tired of your kids running around dropping stuff on it that can’t be cleaned easily? Get our quality carpet steam cleaning Melbourne services.

Mats aren’t easy to replace every day because they can be quite expensive and we understand the value of your hard earned money. The few options that come to mind are perhaps to use a vacuum cleaner or cleaning by steam. Well, luckily, you’re not alone, and fortunately, there are many solutions for this seemingly strenuous job that takes a massive bite out of your busy schedule.


Carpet steam cleaning Melbourne
Carpet steam cleaning Melbourne


We know how vital carpets are to the appearance of your lovely home. A room automatically brightens up if there is a clean and beautiful carpet neatly laid on the floor. They make any place look more colourful, lively and pleasing to the eyes. They make it easier to walk barefoot around the house in winters when the temperature in a city like Melbourne can reach as low as less than 10 °

Some carpets are quite difficult to clean using blowers and vacuum cleaners. Since these are the carpets that you first see while entering a room, they must be cleaned regularly and extensively. Here are some tips to keep them new…

1.Try handpicking the more significant debris and dusting it off properly by beating or wiping it continuously so that the dirt is not visible anymore.

2.An equally productive option is to give your carpet for dry cleaning.

3.Be careful not to breathe deeply while doing the procedure since there may still be dust particles flying around.

4.One great and most effective way is to steam clean your carpets and rugs to clean them better with deeper stain and dirt removal and even sanitisation. This prolongs the life of your carpets reasonably. You can easily hire carpet steam cleaning services in Melbourne who will take care of your carpet cleaning needs.

What is a carpet steam cleaning?

Carpet steam cleaning is a method used to deeply cleanse and remove dirt from the fibres inside your carpet. It is important to note that a rug must be vacuum cleaned on the surface before steam cleaning.

The following steps are usually carried out carefully and attentively while steam cleaning a carpet:

1.The steam cleaning machine is filled with hot water and the appropriate amount of soap or detergent after carefully vacuum cleaning the carpet end to end for picking up dry dirt and debris from the surface of the carpet.

2.Water should be filled proportionally to the detergent and alkaline solution. The water must not be glutted.

3.Vinegar can also be used as an alternative for the soap. Some even consider vinegar to be a better option for cleaning rather than detergents or other alkaline solutions that are typically used by steam cleaners.

4.Steam cleaning should always be started from the corner, and from there one can work their way to the centre.

5.It is ideally done in strips so that it can be figured out which parts of the carpet have already been steam cleaned. Cleaning in lines ensures that no portions of dirty carpet are left behind. Corner to corner is considered the best way to go.

6.Do not make shorter strokes like you would do in vacuum cleaners since it takes more time for a steam cleaner to deep clean a given area than it would take a vacuum cleaner since the latter does not provide the same level of cleansing.

7.Take no more than one step every couple of seconds to ensure you’re giving the steam cleaner enough time to do its job. Not doing so would lead to the carpet not drying up properly, making it more susceptible to accumulate dirt and dust.

8.It is advised not to walk over the portions that have been steam cleaned once you have started cleaning. Steam Cleaning Machines can have either push or pull mechanisms, according to which the machine is directed after beginning the cleaning process

9.The device pours hot water onto the carpet before immediately sucking it up along with dirt that has now been mixed with that water.

10.Always avoid wearing footwear while steam cleaning your carpet

11.If there is still any dirty spot left, feel free to have a go at it once more for stain removal to make sure the carpet is clean to your satisfaction.

12.Leave the carpet to dry for 6-24 hours, entirely depending on the carpet’s material or thickness

13.Place a sign to keep anyone from walking over the carpet while it is still wet. If you need to cross the area by walking over the carpet, wear clean socks or bags made out of plastic

14.To speed up the drying process, turn on the AC and fans and keep proper ventilation by keeping doors and windows open

15.After the carpet is clean and dry, you can freely walk on it and place any furniture that was there before.

It is imperative to acknowledge that carpet steam cleaning is a very attentive and vigilant task. It should be meticulously carried out by taking into consideration various factors, such as the type of carpet you are cleaning

1.Steam may sometimes damage some carpets that are hand woven and made without the use of machines. These woven carpets may shrink as a reaction to hot water unlike other mats that have a laminated back.

2.With an application of excess heat, some rugs may become fuzzy.

3.Older carpets will sometimes shrink by the use of water and may even get uprooted at certain spots.

4.New carpets rarely shrink and are mostly smooth

5.Moreover, DIY steam cleaning machines that you find in your nearest departmental stores in Melbourne or any other place do not heat the water enough unlike the professional cleaning machines. They are not usually as powerful and hence are unable to extract as much dirt thus, do not accomplish total stain removal. If the carpets are still wet after DIY steam cleaning, it is an indicator of the machine not being powerful enough, because of which water is not sucked back incorrectly.

You may have gathered by now that carpet steam cleaning is not an easy task and can end up being quite challenging and can also take a lot of time and risk involved for a non-professional to carry out the procedure at all.

These problems can be avoided by leaving your carpet’s steam cleaning to the hands of some of the most dedicated professional carpet steam cleaners in Melbourne and watch them handle these tasks in an efficient and skilled manner. Many carpet manufacturing companies in and around Melbourne even recommend that the customer should preferably hire a professional steam cleaning service for carpets that need to be cleaned deeply and carefully every once in six to eight months. Unlike dry cleaning which depends on low moisture and air pressure, steam cleaning is a more thorough process because it employs deep and wet extraction. Professional carpet steam cleaners mostly use machines that are attached to the service vehicle. This means that they carry more power and can clean your carpets faster and more efficiently, even reducing the drying time of the carpet. Otherwise, portable machines are more widely used in apartment buildings and high-rise buildings since vehicle-powered machines are not able to reach the apartments on the higher storeys.

So one of the most unsettling questions that may arise is how to find the ideal service that can take care of your carpet steam cleaning needs in Melbourne?

Or more importantly, what must be kept in mind before choosing the best service provider to properly steam clean your valuable and lovely carpets or rugs that you invested your money in?

If you find yourself wondering which company provides the best carpet cleaning service in Melbourne, you need not worry anymore because your search is finally over.

N1 Cleaning, one of Melbourne’s most reputed cleaning services, brings you a state-of-the-art carpet steam cleaning service. N1 Cleaning doesn’t just give you an in-and-out quick clean up but adapts their steam cleaning service to your carpet, depending on its type, fabric, size, etc., to provide an effective cleansing to your mat and bring it back to its newer days in your home, office or any other place.

Why hire N1 Cleaning to steam clean your carpets?

1.N1 Cleaning does a thorough examination of your carpet to decide what kind of cleaning solution is suitable for it.

2.With them, you don’t even have to worry about first hand-picking and to vacuum your carpet for surface dirt and debris. They will take care of it in no time.

3.N1 Cleaning does not use harmful chemical detergents on your carpet and instead uses a bio-degradable solution to ensure the longevity and maintenance of your health and even the carpet’s quality.

4.The steam cleaning is done by hot water extraction which does deep into every layer of your carpet to release dried up stains and dirt particles which get mixed with the water and get sucked back into the machine.

5.To speed up the process, a very effective method is applied to hasten the carpet drying.

6.The drying process can take a few hours depending on the ventilation of your rooms and air flow despite employing heating to dry the carpet.

7.Sanitisation of your carpets is a priority for N1 Cleaning.

8.N1 Cleaning provides superior and longer lasting results than any other company that offers the same service in Melbourne.

9.From one single room to an entire house, N1 Cleaning will willingly take the responsibility of cleaning all your carpets to make them look as good as new.

10.At N1 Cleaning, the technicians use industrial grade equipment to treat and steam clean your carpets.

11.N1 Cleaning provides service in most domestic and industrial buildings including

5.Commercial workspaces and offices

professional upholstery steam cleaning

Why is it essential to have carpet steam cleaning in shops, offices and other commercial settings?

1.Every building and premises must look neat and welcoming to anyone who walks in

2.A dirty carpet can potentially make a workspace unhygienic to work in by increasing the risk of spreading bacteria and other infections

3.The rug can prematurely deteriorate in quality if not cleaned properly, which decreases the durability and longevity of the carpet

4.A clean carpet will enhance the overall look of the room that it’s in

5.This helps in making the residents and occupants productive and more efficient in whatever tasks they are carrying out

6.N1 Cleaning recommends thorough carpet steam cleaning every six months to ensure that your carpet stays as good as new for as long as possible. This keeps the carpet tender and tidy

7.N1 Cleaning’s professional and friendly technicians deliver to you efficient and long-lasting cleaning anywhere in Melbourne at all times. N1 Cleaning always gives to the customer’s satisfaction and never fails to live up to your expectations.

So if you are tired of your dirty carpet lying around, making the room look untidy, contact N1 Cleaning to book a carpet steam cleaning team now and have the technicians at your doorstep in no time! N1 Cleaning pledges to deliver what they guarantee and leave the client with no reason to complain. This is why N1 Cleaning is a leading steam cleaning service provider and has trusting clients all over Melbourne. It’s time you become one of them and leave the tidiness and sanitisation of your carpets in good hands. To provide you with an up-to-the-mark cleaning of your carpets is of utmost importance to N1 Cleaning and the technicians ensure just that with all their dedication and expertise.

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Quit waiting and contact N1 Cleaning now to consult or book and get ready to forget the last time you saw your carpet so clean!